Bringing AI
to the Enterprise

What is it ?

The Lab research team seeks to contribute to the academic Machine Learning community as well as develop tools to assist everyone on their data journey.
Dataiku researchers interests are very broad, from active learning and semi-supervised learning, to autoML and meta Machine Learning.

Beyond its research mission, the Lab also brings its expertise into the real world, working hand-in-hand with Dataiku’s data scientists and architects to solve enterprise data challenges.

Research Projects

Reinforcement Learning

Problem The recent achievements of Reinforcement Learning across a wide range of tasks has sparkled a new interest for the topic across the academic and industry community. However it is not yet clear how to successfully use Reinforcement Learning methods beyond video...

Auto ML

Problem When designing a machine learning pipeline for a new problem, each stage of the output entails design choices, such as which strategy should be used to handle the missing data? How should the categorical data be transformed? How many trees should the random...

Active learning

Business Before running any cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms, we need labelled data - lots of it - and preferably in high quality. This data collection process is often very tedious and time consuming. It is usually an iterative process, between data labelling...