What is it ?

The Enterprise AI Lab is an innovative service that focuses on new ways to bring artificial intelligence to organizations worldwide, working hands-on to explore how business roles and processes can be automated or augmented by AI.

The team, sponsored by Dataiku and composed of international (data) scientists, data experts, and AI architects, takes on select projects based on the criteria outlined below. Corporations, nonprofits, and academics alike – no matter how large or small – are welcome to contact the Enterprise AI Lab with their project or challenge for consideration.

Entrerpise AI Lab projects are…


We are focusing on the most challenging projects, that are at the edge of the academic and scientific advances in artificial intelligence, and about to be implemented on the enterprise. We leverage the latest techniques for the benefit of a business goal.


The Enterprise AI Lab is focusing on situations where a repetitive business task can be automated. We believe that automation will ultimately enable humans to focus on more high-level and creative tasks.


We believe that AI adoption in the enterprise calls for an open mindset, to enable faster iterations through the sharing of successful projects